Wallace Seymour Oil 40ml


  • Artist-grade oil paint hand made in the UK
  • Pigments milled with cold-pressed linseed oil
  • Produced in small batches using traditional paint making methods
  • For a full-color chart and pigment list please refer to www.wallaceseymour.co.uk/product/artists-oil-colours




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Wallace Seymour Oil 40ml


Brilliant Yellow, Brilliant Yellow Light, Brilliant Yellow Deep, Permanent Yellow Light, Nickel Titanium Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Light, Permanent Yellow Middle, Permanent Yellow Deep, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Yellow – Aureolin, Indian Yellow Imitation, Indian Yellow – Nickel Azo Yellow, Synthetic Organic, Chrome Yellow hue, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Naples Yellow Light, Naples Yellow Deep, Florentine Golden Flesh, Venetian Rose Flesh, Flesh Tint, Buff Titanium, Cadmium Orange Light, Cadmium Orange Deep, Fauve Orange, Titanium Orange, Gauguin Orange, Dull Bright Red, Bright Dull Red, Vermilion Imitation, Degas Red, Venetian Rose, Coral Red, Cadmium Red Light, Permanent Red Light, Permanent Red Middle, Cadmium Red Middle, Cadmium Red Deep, Madder Lake Deep (Alizarin Crimson), Velvet Rose, Scala Pink, Cadmium Margaux, Potter's Pink, Brilliant Rose, Rosa Magenta, Magenta, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Pink, Cobalt Violet Light, Cobalt Violet Deep, Manganese Violet, Permanent Violet, Ultramarine Red, Violet Grey, Royal Blue Light, Sansepolcro Blue, Cobalt Celeste, Sky Blue, Azure Blue, Cobalt Blue hue, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Cobalt Blue Deep, Cobalt Blue Light, Phthalocyanine Blue, Prussian Blue, Paris Blue, Indigo, Beara Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Cerulean Blue Brilliant, Cerulean Blue (hue), Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Adriatica Turquoise, Permanent Green Lightest, Permanent Green Light, Cadmium Green Light, Cadmium-Chromium Green Lightest, Schwitters Green, Permanent Green Middle, Cadmium-Chromium Green Middle, Viridian, Cobalt Green Light PG 50, Vert Paulo Veronese, Green Lake Deep, Sap Green PG 8, Oxide of Chrome, Phthalocyanine Turquoise PG 7, PB 15, Kezia Green, PG7, PB15, Cobalt Green Deep PB 36, PG 50, Vert Vendome PY 83, PY 35, PR 101, PB 27, Green Gold PY 83, Terre Verte Bohemian Green Earth genuine PG 23, Green Earth Deep, Bohemian Green Earth, Raw Umber Greenish, Marron Brun, Iron Oxide Yellow, Bright Ochre, Yellow Ochre Light, Translucent Yellow Oxide, Stil de Grain, Raw Sienna, Gold Ochre, Brown Ochre, Translucent Orange Oxide, Translucent Orange-Red Oxide, Venetian Red, Richelieu Red Ochre, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Florence Red (Haematite), Red Iron Oxide Pigment, Madras Red Iron Oxide, Translucent Red Oxide, Pozzuolii Earth, English Red, Burnt Sienna, Translucent Red-Brown Iron Oxide, Caput Mortuum Deep, Indian Red, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Van Dyke Brown hue, Cassel Earth, Ivory Black, Vine Black, Iron Oxide Black, Lamp Black, Carbon Oxide Black, Spinel Black, Blue-Grey, Green-Grey, Red-Grey, Yellow -Grey, Orange -Grey, Payne?s Grey, Salford Grey, Payne's Grey Light, Ardoise Slate Grey, Pompadour Slate Grey, Grey Ochre, "Terre Pourrie" Green Slate, Zinc White, Flake White NT, Lead White hue, Titanium White, Lowry Grey, Lowry White, Gold, Coperchio della Pentola – Aluminium, Silver