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Wallace Seymour Acrylic 60ml


  • Handmade artists grade acrylic paint by Wallace Seymour
  • High-quality pigments, dispersed into a light and age resistant flexible acrylic polymer.
  • Viscous paste, with maximum pigmentation.
  • Dilute with water as required: dries to a permanent, flexible film.
  • Can be applied to any dirt and grease-free painting support, with brushes, spatula, painting knives, etc.
  • For more information and colour charts visit
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Wallace Seymour Acrylic 60ml


Nickel Titanium Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Lemon (hue), Cadmium Citron – Genuine, Proustian Yellow, Cadmium Yellow – Genuine, Cadmium Yellow (hue), Cadmium Yellow Deep (hue), Stil de Grain (Persian Yellow), Cadmium Orange (hue), Gauguin Orange, Titanium Orange, Vermilion (hue), Coral Red, Cadmium Red (hue), Cadmium Scarlet – Genuine, Cadmium Red Deep – Genuine, Cadmium Red Deep (hue), Magenta, Cardinal Red, Permanent Rose, Alizarin Crimson (hue), Perfect Pink (Rhodamine), Cobalt Violet (hue), Cobalt Violet Deep, Alizarin Violet (hue), Dioxazine Purple, Permanent Violet, Violet Grey, Palest Blue, Lavande (Ultramarine Blue Pale), Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue (hue), Cobalt Blue – Genuine, Cerulean Blue (hue), Cerulean Blue – genuine, Azure Blue, Mermaid Pool, Beara Blue, Manganese Blue (hue), Indigo (hue), Prussian Blue (hue), Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalocyanine Turquoise, Cobalt Turquoise (hue), Cobalt Turquoise Light – Genuine, Cobalt Turquoise Deep – Genuine, Cinnabar Green, Celadon Green Light, Celadon Green, Malachite (hue), Vert Emeraude (Viridian hue), Phthalocyanine Green, Permanent Green Light, Permanent Green Middle, Vert Printemps, Vert Paulo Veronese, Summer Green, Chrome Oxide Green, Green Gold, Green Gold, Yellowish, Sap Green, Doughet Green, Lakeland Slate, Naples Yellow Light (hue), Naples Yellow Deep (hue), Palest Ochre, Flesh Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Verdaccio (Green Earth), Cinabrese (Flesh Tint), Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Rosso Ercolano, Rouge Richelieu, Mars Red, Florence Red (Haematite), Torridon Sandstone, Kishorn Pink, Mars Violet, Moughton Whetstone, Morrelone – Caput Mortuum Violet, Honister Terre Verde, Ingleton Green Earth, Oxford Bluestone – Green Earth, Davy's Grey – Oxford Mudstone, Raw Umber, Cyprus Umber, Burnt Umber, Sepia hue, Paynes Grey, Mars Black, Dry Rigg, Neutral Grey, Buff Titanium, Palest Buff Titanium, Titanium White, Tinting White, Process Yellow (PY3), Process Magenta (PR122), Process Cyan (PB15)